F1 Boat Racing

F1 Boat Racing

David McMurray is not only is the owner of this full-service boat dealership Nashville Marine located in Nashville Tennessee… He also races the Nashville Marine F1 boat!

Driver, David McMurray – #57 Nashville, Tennessee Owner of Nashville Marine

I started working in the boating industry just out of high school when I started working for a boat manufacturer.  I started my fiberglass repair business 22 years ago in 1995. After a decade, my business flourished and allowed me to fulfill my dreams of having my own dealership. Today I have one of the top boat dealerships in the Middle Tennessee area, carrying major boat lines along with top brands of motors. From an early age I have always had the need for speed. I found myself racing anything with wheels. I raced Motorcross ATV’s for many years and was very competitive across the Southeastern U.S., winning many races and collecting way too many trophies. I then found an interest in cars that lead to years of drag racing. Again, I found myself running at the front of the pack.

In 2017, I was introduced to a new sport… F1 Powerboat Racing! In June 2017 I participated in my first NGK F1 Powerboat Championship Race. Since then, I have raced the last four races of the season & finished 16th in points in the 2017 NGK F1 PC Series. Not bad for a rookie driver that started late in the year.

This year the team has had some setbacks and decided to re-group and develop a different plan of attack for 2020. This year I am racing in several classes around the country fine tuning my skills in preparation for the future. We are also sponsoring several great powerboat racers participating in different classes and series around the country and proud to have them supporting Nashville Marine.

Stay Tuned for future plans as they develop and be sure to follow us on our F1 Racing Facebook Page McMurray Racing by clicking on the window below and Liking it!